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In light of global climate changes, Doconomy and MasterCard are working on a mobile banking service. This will change the face of credit card processing and payment processing. By engaging in this free service, users will be supporting the offsetting of carbon. They will no longer leave as many CO2 footprints in their wake.

New standards will be set thanks to the DO mobile app. Payment services of all kinds will be much improved upon. MasterCard is releasing this app to show how committed the company is to fighting the effects of climate change.

One thing that this app will enable is the ability of users to make sustainable choices in banking. It also allows users to be able to change the world by investing in funds that will improve the climate. The widespread impact of this will affect users all over the world.

The launching of this application enables users to work closely with retailers and other businesses. Together, everyone will work to fight the damage climate change is having. What this means for credit card users is that they can switch to biodegradable, environmentally friendly cards.

These environmentally sound credit cards won’t include a magnetic strip. Recycled pollution will be used to create these cards, so strips will no longer be needed. Starting in April 2019 users will be able to obtain one of these new credit cards.

This endeavor to help the environment comes on the heels of MasterCard’s Greener Payments Partnership. Launched in 2018, the goal of this partnership is to cut down on the amount of PVC plastic used in creating credit cards. The partnership is also working towards the goal of practicing environmentally friendly tasks.

Users can register online to find out more information on receiving these environmentally friendly cards. In the meantime, users are urged to learn more about Doconomy. It is a startup built on the philosophy of money being used to clean up the environment. Fighting global climate change is a battle that everyone is encouraged to join. The battle starts with embracing this new way of approaching credit card use.

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